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"How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call"

By Art Sobczak


Get the Proven Process AND What to Say for Placing Successful Prospecting and Sales Calls, WITHOUT "Rejection"

In this book Art Sobczak takes you step-by-step through the Seven-Step sales call process. This is the same process he teaches at his $895 Smart Calling College training. And the same process companies pay $10,000 per day to have him customize and deliver in a training session for them.

Plus you'll get examples of the what-to-say messaging to use in all parts of the call to get the "yes" answers you want. And you'll see how to place those calls without fear of the "rejection" that so many callers get paralyzed by.

We've sold over 10,000 copies of the hardcopy and electronic version of this book at $29 and you are getting the new revised version.

And you get it  FREE!  All we ask is that you pay just $4.95 to help with the shipping, packaging and handling to get your copy to you.  (Shipping to US only)

NOW is the Time to Beat Your Competition by Using Your Most Effective Sales Tool: The Phone

Get the Proven Process that Wealthy Sales Reps Use to Get More Appointments and Sales

  • How to get to the decision maker without being screened

  • What to say on voice mail, AND what to avoid

  • What to say to create interest at the beginning of a call

  • How to avoid getting brushed off

  • Great questions to get them talking about, and FEELING    their need

  • How to be persuasive on the phone without sounding like   a telemarketer

  • What to say to close the sale, appointment, and move the   process to the next step

  • How to turn around objections by phone conversationally

  • How to beat rejection when hearing ‘no’ 

  • ... plus MUCH more!

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    Here's How Others Used This Book to Get Through, Get In, and SELL!

    "I just got off the phone with a prospect who informed me that this was the first time he gave a sales call more than 3 seconds over the last 10 years. I used your opening statement advice to attract his interest.”

    Cameron Mitchell, Ryzex Group

    “I just recently purchased your How To Place… guide. There have been a few people that I have had zero luck with and thought I would try the ‘Advanced Apologies’ email you recommend. I have only sent out a total of 5 “AA” emails and have gotten 3 responses from contacts that were otherwise ghosts to me. This tip alone, made that book pay for itself!”

    Adam Maciasz, CDW Inc.

    “Your book is fantastic! spent the equivalent of $2,000 on a 5-month self-learn course and feel that I have been given more insight into sales with your book than this course, for a smidgen of the price!”

    Wendy Dias, Achievement Awards Group

    Here's What You'll Learn From This Profit-Building Book:

  • Planning For Your Call– Exactly what to do before picking up the phone to ensure success, and set your call apart from every other one they receive that day. Bonus: Also see how you can AVOID rejection and never experience it again.

  • What to Say Before Asking for the Buyer–Regardless of whether you’re prospecting or selling to existing customers, you can get valuable information before you ever get to the buyer. Learn how to ask, what to ask for, how to avoid being screened, and how to deal with voice mail.

  • How to Create Interest in the First 20 Seconds. Most people blow it right here. See what to avoid, and the exact process and examples of what to say in order to seize interest and get them participating from a positive frame of mind.

  • Questioning to Move Them Into a State of Mind Where They WANT What You Have. Unsuccessful salespeople don’t ask questions. Good salespeople ask the most basic questions. The BEST salespeople ask questions at the next level. Use the simple “Iceberg Theory of Questioning” and you’ll get to that level.

  • Persuasive Recommendations. See what to say in order to position what you have as something they want and need so they say YES!

  • Commitment for the Next Step. Follow all of the other parts of the process, and the close/commitment is easy. See word-for-word examples of commitment and closing questions you can use to get that YES.

  • Setting Up the Next Action. The secret to having a great follow-up call isn’t really that secret at all. You’ll see how to do it here.

  • The Professional and Successful Way to Deal With Objections. Forget about “Goofy Objection Rebuttals.” You'll get how to deal with objections conversationally and professionally.

  • Dealing With Early Resistance. We’ve all heard “I’m happy with what I’m using,” and “I’m not interested.” Those are NOT objections. They are attempts to get you off the phone and they work. You'll get what to say to deal with them so you can have a shot of at least staying on the phone.

  • How to Get and Stay Motivated and Beat the Hell Out of Call Reluctance. Let’s face it, most people would rather have a colonoscopy than make phone calls. There are two reasons: 1. Most people are horrible at placing them, and, 2. They don’t do anything to keep their attitude up. The process in this book blows away the first reason, and this section gives you ideas to keep you performing at the highest level.

  • Yes! Send my Free Copy!
    Just by paying $4.95 S&H

    "For two decades I have used Art'sinspiration to stay motivated andovercome objections which hasbeen priceless."

    Frank Olivares

    Owner, Olivares Packaging

    Art Sobczak's Process and Messaging Gets Results

    Over the past 35 years Art Sobczak has helped hundreds of thousands of sales pros--and those who didn't consider themselves to be salespeople but needed to place calls-- to get more of what they wanted by phone. His processes and techniques are known as conversational, real-world, non-salesy, non-cheesy, and get results.

    Look Inside the Book at Just a Few Examples of What You'll Get

  • Page 23: What you need to do on every call to never experience “rejection” again, AND how you can actually lay the groundwork for future opportunities with those that give you a “no” today.

  • Page 40: An example of an email that gets callbacks after unreturned messages.

  • Page 61: Eight ideas to use instead of opening calls with “I just wanted to introduce myself...”

  • Page 72: The questioning technique that really gets them talking about their reasons for buying.

  • Page 93: How to create urgency with your sales recommendation so that they want to take action NOW!

  • Pages 105-107: 22 closes and commitment questions you can use to get them to buy or meet with you.

  • Page 116: The five areas you need to cover at the end of calls to ensure a productive follow up and keep the momentum moving.

  • Page 124: How to do the “Objections Autopsy” to prepare for all the objections that now cost you sales.

  • Page 131: How to handle the “I’m happy with who I’m buying from” objection.

  • Page 140: How to react when you hear “I’m not interested” at the very beginning of your call. (It’s NOT replying with a goofy, uncomfortable rebuttal.)

  • Page 158: How to use the same techniques some professional athletes use to break out of a slump.

  • Page 166: Seven different questions you could ask when faced with the “Not in the budget” objection.

  • ... plus MUCH more!

    Yes! Send my Free Copy!
    Just by paying $4.95 S&H

    Art's Unheard-Of Guarantee

    "If you have any hesitation at all that this book will be worth your tiny $4.95 investment for shipping, and more importantly the time you take to read it, I want to remove that for you. Just contact me at 800-326-7721 ANY time after getting it, and I'll immediately refund what you paid. And you keep the book, or give it to someone else who could use it. Deal?"

    Yes, You are Getting an Actual Physical Book. No Catch. No Kidding

    That's right, you are getting a real, physical, hold-in-your-hands, turn-real-pages book, that thousands have paid $29 for. (Many paid that just for the electronic version.)

    There is no catch, or no additional charge.

    Why are we testing this? Because we want more people--as many people as possible --using Art's process and methodologies. Our experience shows that the sales pros who use the book, and show results will recommend Art to others, and many will also invest in his other resources. It's good marketing that leads to sales for everyone.

    Sales Pros from These Companies Have Gotten Results With This Book

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